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Audition Info

Auditions are open to middle school students, high school students and adults

This production is minimally rehearsed.  We ask that you audition with the song you are interested in singing in the performance. All auditions will be submitted electronically. If there are call backs needed they will be in groups of no more than 10, socially distanced, and will follow safety protocols,



  1. Theme for this event is songs of hope and inspiration. Please keep this in mind as you make your song selection. For ideas you can check out this list and this one. But you are not limited to these suggestions.

  2.  Use your cell phone. Set on a tripod, selfie-stick, or have someone film you. State your name, the song title and show. Choose a location that has good light so we can see your face.

  3. Sing a 1-minute excerpt of your song.  This can be sung acapella, or with music track (like a karaoke track) playing behind you.

  4. You do not need costumes or props - just you and your voice!


  1. Complete the Audition Form at the bottom of this page (or on Airtable here). 

  2. Upload a headshot/digital photo as part of the form.

  3. ACTOR/CREW AGREEMENT (Download, print, sign. Upload completed agreement into form below or bring to first rehearsal)

  4. Record your audition and submit it to VMT by:

    1. Video submissions due to VMT by Saturday, September 5th. ​

    2. Please send/share your video file to You can upload and share the file via Google Drive, Dropbox, or iCloud, or send using a file transfer service like WeTransfer, Hightail, TransferNow, etc. 

    3. Contact Jessica by email or phone at 509-972-6633 if you have any questions.

    4. Please do not text videos or try to email them directly, as the file size will be so greatly reduced it will not be useable. 


If you are cast you are responsible for providing a copy of the music for your song to the music director. You can get most songs at: Look for the SINGER PRO VERSION that will have the vocals with the piano/guitar.

Masks are required at rehearsals when you are not performing/singing. Most rehearsals will be one on one with director/music director to minimize covid exposure risks, and we will be social distancing with a minimum of 6 feet. We will have health screening questions at the beginning of rehearsals. Stay home if you feel sick - we may have options of virtual rehearsals.  Please read actor/crew agreement and refer to VMT's COVID Preparedness plan for detailed descriptions.  

Important Dates


Casting: by Sept. 8

3-5 rehearsals scheduled in September. These will be individual rehearsals, at set timeslots, and will adhere to social distancing and masking.

Filming (required): Sunday Sept. 27 & Monday Sept. 28


Streamed performance:

Saturday, October 10


Producer/Director: Jessica Solberg Black.

Phone: 509-972-6633


Music Director: Becky Griswold


Silent Auction

OPENS OCT. 3 - OCT. 10

Our Silent Auction is also moving online this year.  We are accepting donations, so if you have a service, a gift basket, an experience you would be willing to donate, please download a form!

Silent Auction Donation Form

Return forms by Sept. 15

Silent Auction Donation Questions? Contact:

Kelle Dvorak Vandenberg


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