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Audition Info

Roles for two adults. Preferably men. 

A hilarious two-person comedy set in a small town, guaranteed to bring warm laughter to the cold winter and brighten all our spirits. The two actors will play a total of 20 characters.

Audition Requirements: 

  • 1 comedic monologue, no longer than 1 minute in length. 

  • Auditions must be submitted online. Complete the audition form below. Then record your video and send it to us electronically using one of the methods below.



  1.  Use your cell phone. Set on a tripod, selfie-stick, or have someone film you. State your name, audition piece and character. Choose a location that has good light so we can see your face.

  2. Record yourself performing the monologue.  

  3. You do not need costumes or props.


  1. Complete the Audition Form at the bottom of this page (or on Airtable here). 

  2. Upload a headshot/digital photo as part of the form.

  3. ACTOR/CREW AGREEMENT (Download, print, sign. Upload completed agreement into form below or bring to first rehearsal)

  4. Record your audition and submit it to VMT by:

    1. Video submissions due to VMT by Saturday, Dec. 7

    2. Please send/share your video file to You can upload and share the file via Google Drive, Dropbox, or iCloud, or send using a file transfer service like WeTransfer, Hightail, TransferNow, etc. 

    3. Contact Jessica by email or phone at 509-972-6633 if you have any questions.

    4. Please do not text videos or try to email them directly, as the file size will be so greatly reduced it will not be useable. 


Refer to the Actor/Cast Agreement for more information  

Masks are required at rehearsals when you are not performing. We will do our best to minimize covid exposure risks, and we will be social distancing with a minimum of 6 feet. We will have health screening questions at the beginning of rehearsals. Stay home if you feel sick - we may have options of virtual rehearsals.  Please read actor/crew agreement and refer to VMT's COVID Preparedness plan for detailed descriptions.  

Important Dates


Casting: by December 14

You will be contacted by the director and producer about scheduling rehearsals


Rescheduled due to Covid restrictions. New dates b

Location: Hotel Windrow, Ellensburg

We are hoping/planning to have a limited live audience, as well as offer livestreaming tickets for those wanting to watch from home.  

Filming (required): 

You will be asked to sign a filming release form.


Director: Hal Ott

Phone: 509-929-5538



Producer: Kelle Vandenberg

Phone: 425-780-0006


Executive Director:
Jessica Solberg Black

Phone: 509-972-6633


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