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Audition Info

Auditions are open to college students and adults

The Play That Goes Wrong begins before the curtain has even been raised, as the audience are present while the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society prepare to stage their new production – the 1920s murder mystery 'Murder at Haversham Manor.' However the set is not yet complete and there is no time to finish it off…..the show must go on! With a murder (and a moving corpse) established from the beginning, the murder mystery gets into full flow. However, the props start to disappear, actors go missing and the set begins to collapse around, and often on, the cast. Mayhem ensues, the acting gets worse, and the set becomes increasingly dangerous, but the company struggles on regardless. The question is whether any of the cast and crew will remain standing, or conscious, by the final curtain?!



  1. Download the character descriptions and sample sides. Do you research and prep before the auditions.

  2. Complete the Audition Form at the bottom of this page (or on Airtable here). 

    • Note ANY and ALL dates/times you have conflicts on your online audition form below.

    • Upload a headshot/digital photo as part of the form. 

    • ACTOR/CREW AGREEMENT. Download, print, sign. Upload completed agreement into form below or bring to your audition.

  3. Attend the audition on Tuesday, December 6th. You are expected to be there for the full three hours.  Auditions will be completed as a group and have three parts:

    • Movement/stage combat instruction

    • Character improv (in groups, low key, very fun)

    • Cold-reads from scenes

  4. Call Back Auditions will be Wednesday, December 7th. 



  1. Review the character information and scenes in advance

  2. Several characters have a British accent. It is not necessary to demonstrate an accent at auditions, but if you feel comfortable with a standard stage British you may use it during scene reads. 

  3. Tips on Cold Reading: 
    – Research the production: If it is a pre-existing script but you don’t know what part of the script or what character you are reading for, read the whole thing. You should always read as much of the script that is available. 
    – Connect with your scene partner(s). This will help you slow down and really live through the imaginary circumstance. It will also make sure that you don’t keep your eyes on your script but bring them up to where the casting team can see your acting. 
    – Show Variation. If you are asked to read for more than one character, make that character different from the last one you read for. And if you are asked to read for the same character more than once, find a different choice to make in the scene. 


All final cast members will be required to attend two stage combat workshops on Sunday, January 8th. (Workshop fees discounted for cast members).

Tech rehearsals, dress rehearsals, performances, and strike are mandatory.

Refer to the Actor/Cast Agreement for more information.  ​

Important Dates


Tuesday December 6th

5:30 - 8:30 PM

Call-backs: Wednesday, December 7th

5:30 - 8:30 PM

Location: Ellensburg High School Little Theatre

Rehearsals and performances will be held at The Ramsay Center Ballroom, 412 N. Pearl Street.


Required Dates:
January 8th - Stage Combat Workshops

9AM - 1 PM Falls, Slaps, Punches and More

2 - 6 PM Movement for the Physical Actor


February 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11

Strike: February 12

(FYI - with the holidays there will be no rehearsals Dec 23 - 26, and possibly through Dec. 30)



Patrick Nolan

Phone: 203-923-5833




Jessica Solberg Black

Phone: 509-972-6633


Assistant Director/Stage Combat:

David Connolly


This show is funded in part with a 2023 grant from the Ellensburg Arts Commission

Audition Info
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