In May 2020, in response to the coronavirus outbreak, the VMT Board of Directors formed a select committee to draft plans to deal with health and safety at our every stage of our productions from auditions, to rehearsals, to performances, and risk mitigation measures for the performers, the crew, the front of house volunteers, and to our patrons.  These plans also needed to incorporate our state and local health guidelines.  

What the committee came up with was a matrix of steps that can be implemented depending upon the "Phase" that Kittitas County is in. This is a living document, and VMT will update it as/if state and local requirements change. You can download and read the full plan here: 


VMT Disaster Preparedness COVID-19 Response.PDF

A couple of key important takeaways:

  • If we are in Phase 2, there will be no live performances; though virtual/recorded performances are possible. In Phase 3, small groups can rehearse; performances may be allowed within current audience size restrictions, but may still continue with virtual events, in Phase 4, we will still likely keep smaller audiences to encourage social distancing. 

  • Masks, hand sanitizer, and cleaning practices will be implemented across the board. Social distancing measures will affect how many tickets are sold to performances, and will affect how auditions and rehearsals are run. But we will adapt and the show will go on.

  • We are planning ways to also offer live stream or recorded shows to those who are not comfortable attending, and as a backup if health restrictions increase while a show is already in production. VMT may implement special live performances set aside for high-risk attendees with additional social distancing measures.

  • Valley Musical Theatre will take all measures possible to ensure the health and safety of our volunteers, patrons, and performers. However, we also make no representation regarding the effectiveness of any risk mitigation measure in preventing or reducing the risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19. Participation in future VMT productions is voluntary, and participants must understand and acknowledge that VMT is not responsible nor liable for any individual that develops COVID-19.

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