In May 2020, in response to the coronavirus outbreak, the VMT Board of Directors formed a select committee to draft plans to deal with health and safety at our every stage of our productions from auditions, to rehearsals, to performances, and risk mitigation measures for the performers, the crew, the front of house volunteers, and to our patrons.  These plans also needed to incorporate our state and local health guidelines. 

Valley Musical Theatre’s (VMT) thoughts are with our patrons, volunteers and performers. As we look toward the future, we have created a plan that we believe allows us to welcome the community in a safe and responsible way.  This safety guide contains the guidelines that we recommend in order to keep each performer, volunteer and patron safe and healthy.

What the committee came up with was a matrix of steps that can be implemented depending upon the "Phase" that Kittitas County is in. This is a living document, and VMT will update it as/if state and local requirements change. A summary is below for Actors/Crew and for Theatre Patrons. You can download and read the full plan here.

VMT intends to put forth its best efforts to encourage compliance with the guidelines outlined in this document. We remain committed to enriching lives through theatre in a safe and responsible way as we do what we can in striving to protect our performers, volunteers and patrons from inadvertent exposure. Valley Musical Theatre will take all measures possible to ensure the health and safety of our volunteers, patrons, and performers. However, we also make no representation regarding the effectiveness of any risk mitigation measure in preventing or reducing the risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19. Participation in future VMT productions is voluntary, and participants must understand and acknowledge that VMT is not responsible nor liable for any individual that develops COVID-19. 


During Rehearsals:


  • Auditions, rehearsals and performances will try to maintain a minimum of 6-9 feet among individuals to the extent possible. When not possible, limit the amount and length of close contact.

  • In person auditions, callbacks and dance auditions will be done at the performance space where social distancing can be done efficiently.

  • All participants and production staff members must wear a mask while attending auditions and rehearsals.

  • Group vocal rehearsals will be held in the House or on the Mainstage so that participants can social distance themselves.

  • All participants will have their temperature taken at arrival to the theatre, anyone with over 100-degree fever will be sent home immediately.

  • The individual must go three days without a 100-degree fever (without the use of fever reducing medication) and a negative COVID-19 test before returning to rehearsal.

  • Production staff will sanitize all door handles to get into rehearsal space prior to rehearsal and after rehearsal.

  • Congregating before or after auditions, rehearsals, and performances is not permitted at or on property.

  • No sharing of pencils during rehearsal.

  • No sharing of water bottles or snacks

  • Stage Manager will make sure all props, and set pieces are disinfected after each rehearsal/performance.

  • All props must be sanitized while being pulled for rehearsal.

  • Props will ONLY be touched by actor who uses said prop. Props must be preset and checked by actor ONLY. (Stage Managers can double check but will NOT move props prior to the show.)


During a show:


  • First row of the audience will be a minimum of 10 feet from the stage. Capacity of audience will be limited to current health requirements.

  • Masks may be required depending upon restrictions.  VMT will provide performance related masks.

  • All individual props sanitized at the end of each night by stage crew.

  • All furniture sanitized after each rehearsal by stage crew.

  • Limit use of shared props between cast members when possible.

  • No edible props allowed

  • Door handles and handrails sanitized after each rehearsal

  • In general, limited number of individuals in contact with each prop.

  • No backstage/green room guests, prior or after show.

  • Close contact between performers and patrons before and after performances is prohibited (including backstage and post-performance meet-and-greets).


After Show Run:


  • All props will be sanitized before returning to storage

  • Costumes will be sanitized often and as thoroughly as possible.   


Tech Booth:


  • Mic packs and mics wiped down before being returned to bags

  • Soundboard and light board disinfected at the end of each night.

  • Computer mice, keyboards and monitors will be cleaned daily.

  • No more than 3 people in the Tech Booth at any given time. 

  • Tablets will be sanitized after each use.

  • Disinfect light switches and doorknobs when leaving




We are beyond pleased to be back open again and are hard at work rescheduling the shows we had to postpone as well as offering new and exciting shows. In order to be a covid compliant theater, our procedures look a little different than what you may be used to.  We are doing it all with your safety in mind.  We ask that you please thoroughly read the guidelines below before coming to the theater in order to ensure a safe environment for yourself, your family, our volunteers, and performers.


-If you purchased a ticket to a show prior to a postponement, it will be honored at the new date. However, you will likely be seated in a different seat than what your ticket says so that we can properly socially distance groups of patrons in accordance with State guidelines. 


-Capacity of audience will be limited to current health requirements. For some productions, we will have reserved seating only. In general seating venues, our staff will ask you which section you would prefer to sit in and then seat you and your group together, socially distanced from the other groups of patrons around you. Groups of six or less people may be seated together. Please ensure all members of your party arrive together, and please remain distanced from other parties as much as possible.


-If you are running a fever or feel sick in any way, we ask that you please stay home for the safety of everybody else.


-Face coverings must be worn at all times, regardless of vaccination status, even while seated for the performance.  The only exception to this is during actively eating or drinking.  We will have masks available at the box office for those who do not have them, and nobody will be permitted to enter the theater without proper facial covering.


-Hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the building, and we are sanitizing all hard surfaces in common areas before and after each show.


- Depending upon the show and current health guidelines, concessions may or may not be offered. If concessions are allowed, lines for concessions are marked with six-foot queuing spots. Please observe the markings to ensure proper social distancing.