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Between November 2021 and January 2022, the VMT Board surveyed theaters around the state regarding their Covid protocols for actors and crew wishing to participate in live productions. The vast majority of theaters around the state at that time were requiring Covid vaccinations for their actors and stage crew members. In addition, we surveyed the Kittitas County Community. We received over 150 responses and appreciate the time each person took to give us their feedback.  The Board met and discussed this issue at length, and there were strong feelings on both sides of the issue. It was clear that no one policy could satisfy everyone, or fit all situations. In January 2022, the Board voted to implement the following policy regarding participation in Valley Musical Theater productions: Each production team, along with the Board Executive Committee, and the Executive Director will set the vaccination requirement for that production. What this means is that the requirements for our Rising Stars production may be different from our summer production.

This has been our policy for most of 2022, but as the past two years have shown us, things change. This is a living, not a static policy that is routinely reviewed. 

The CDC updated their exposure, isolation and quarantine protocols for COVID-19 in August 2022. Vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals are treated the same in these revised protocols.  We follow these guidelines ( At the September 2022 VMT Board meeting, the board voted to remove show participation requirements that required cast/crew to show proof of vaccination or complete a vaccine exemption. 
We continue to use health mitigation measures in rehearsals and performances. Should someone in cast/crew test positive for COVID-19, we reserve the right to test all cast/crew members. 
We reserve the right to double-cast any role, and by accepting a role you are agreeing to that. 

VMT remains committed to enriching lives through theatre in a safe and responsible way as we do what we can in striving to protect our performers, volunteers and patrons from inadvertent exposure. Valley Musical Theatre will take all measures possible to ensure the health and safety of our volunteers, patrons, and performers. However, we also make no representation regarding the effectiveness of any risk mitigation measure in preventing or reducing the risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19. Participation in future VMT productions is voluntary, and participants must understand and acknowledge that VMT is not responsible nor liable for any individual that develops COVID-19. ​​




-Vaccination status – we do NOT require proof of COVID vaccination to attend VMT performances. 
-If you are running a fever or feel sick in any way, we ask that you please stay home for the safety of everybody else. Please contact us at if you need to exchange your ticket for a different performance due to sickness.  We will accommodate requests if we have availability, please see individual ticketing pages for exchange/refund policies.
-Face coverings. Per current state guidelines, masks are optional, but encouraged if you feel you are in a higher risk category. We will have masks available at the box office for those who do not have them but would like one. 

-Hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the building, and we are sanitizing all hard surfaces in common areas before and after each show.



During Rehearsals:


  • Masks may be required depending upon restrictions.  VMT will provide performance related masks if they are required. At this time masking is optional.

  • Health screening questions may be asked at rehearsal. 

  • We will follow current CDC and local public health guidelines for COVID exposures.

  • No sharing of pencils during rehearsal.

  • No sharing of water bottles or snacks

  • Stage Manager will make sure all props, and set pieces are disinfected after each rehearsal/performance.

  • All props must be sanitized while being pulled for rehearsal.

  • Props will ONLY be touched by actor who uses said prop. Props must be preset and checked by actor ONLY. (Stage Managers can double check but will NOT move props prior to the show.)


During a show:


  • Masks may be required depending upon health restrictions.  VMT will provide performance related masks if they are required.

  • All individual props sanitized at the end of each night by stage crew.

  • Limit use of shared props between cast members when possible.

  • No backstage/green room guests, prior or after show.


After Show Run:


  • All props will be sanitized before returning to storage


Tech Booth:


  • Mic packs and mics wiped down before being returned to bags

  • Soundboard and light board disinfected at the end of each night.

  • Computer mice, keyboards and monitors will be cleaned daily.

  • Tablets will be sanitized after each use.

  • Disinfect light switches and doorknobs when leaving

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