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Registration Info

Unless otherwise noted, workshops are open to high school

students and adults


Audition Prep Workshop
Thursday, March 16, 2023; 6:00 - 8:00 PM (may run long)

Cost: $15.00 

We highly encourage this opportunity for any actor planning to audition for the summer musical, or who has wanted to learn more about how to prepare for future auditions.  Open to adults and high school students.  (Middle school kids - we encourage you to show up for the Godspell Informational meeting on March 13 & 14 instead)

Workshop will cover the essentials of a good acting and/or singing audition including:

  • What to expect at auditions and call-backs

  • How to introduce yourself and your pieces at an audition (the actor's "slate")

  • Tips for selecting monologues

  • Tips for selecting songs

  • Dealing with nerves, warmups, dance calls

  • Master class session providing feedback on monologues


It is not required to have a monologue or material prepared in advance for this workshop, but if you do have material that you would like feedback on, there will be time for the instructor to work with a few individuals in the group setting. Please indicate on the form below if you are interested in this option. Depending upon the number of people who express interest in the feedback section, the workshop may run past the 8:00 PM end time.

Speakeasy Shakespeare
In partnership with Classique Theatre Company

Weekly starting in late March

Cost: $10 drop in class

We love a good alliteration, and if you have always wanted to read, speak, and perform like the bard intended, then sign up for the Speakeasy Shakespeare classes.  

We are partnering with David Connolly & Classique Theatre Company (CTC) to do weekly classes on how to dig into and perform the works of William Shakespeare. Mastering text analysis, scansion, movement, stage combat, voice, and comedy allows the actor to perform in any style; film or theatre. This will be a hands-on, scene-based, modern approach to acting and performance.


Classes will be $10 per drop-in class payable to CTC, and will meet at a downtown Ellensburg location. Let us know your interest and we will pass your info along to the instructor and let you know where our "speakeasy" location is!




Swords in the Park
Learn stage combat fighting with swords. Taught by professional fight director and choreographer David Connolly.  We are planning a drop-in introductory class and then starting a 4-6 week series class. To be held outdoors at a local park. Look for details in the next few weeks.


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